SunFest XXXII: Rite Of the Verdant Cathedral
June 23rd-26th, 2022
Ffynnon in Vernonia, OR

SunFest brought to you by OWOW and The Witches Resistance

In recent years many of us have felt disconnected from each other, nature, and from our own power. In this ritual we summon the Verdant Cathedral to reconnect and rewild ourselves in partnership with the energies and spirits of the land. Join Devin Hunter and Mat Auryn under the canopy of nature’s temple as we recharge and replenish ourselves for the year ahead.

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For Vendor registration questions please email Chris at to vend just sign up for vending when you register.

Are you interested in leading a workshop?
If so, please send us an email to, detailing the subject, and length of the workshop, as well as your information. 

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You are invited to Join Us For:

• Rituals: Our Main ritualists this year are going to be Devin Hunter and Mat Auryn.


• Workshops: We will have a multitude of different workshops including a couple done by both Devin and Mat.
• A Sacred Dionysus wine ritual in the Dionysus Circle.
• Children’s Activities.(We ask when your children attend that they have an adult with them)
• Raffle: Look for the Raffle Fairies fluttering around with tickets.
• Community Picnic. Due to Covid restrictions and social distancing we will be having a community picnic in the middle of the main lawn instead of the usual potluck.
• Potlatch Gift Exchange: We do the Potlatch gift exchange during the community picnic on Saturday. Please bring appropriate gifts for children to exchange and adult gifts if you wish to participate.l

• Dancing and Drumming around the Main fire in the evening.
• Hiking on the numerous and beautiful trails around the site.

• Wonderful artisan vendors

**Due to Covid restrictions and financial cost we will no longer be hosting a Sunday brunch.**

Workshops will be held in Dragon Circle this year.

Children’s/ Scion’s workshops will still be near Faery Grove.

***Unfortunately, due to site rules at Ffynnon, no pets are allowed*****

 SunFest Registration 2022

Current Registration Until: June 9th 2022
$100/ adults, $40 13-17 years old, $30. 7-12 years, $5/ 3-6 years,
2 and under free

After June 10th 2022 and at the gate
$120/ adults, $50/ 13-17 years old, $35/ 7-12 years, $5/ 3-6 years,
2 and under free

Day passes