SunFest XXXIV:

All of us at Other Worlds of Wonder regret to inform you that Sunfest has been canceled for 2024. We were unable to find a suitable replacement venue for the one that we lost. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will join us next year! We do have plans already in the works to host a picnic and ritual so stay tuned for that.
For those of you that registered, you will be receiving an email with more information and thank you for your patience and we sort everything out.
Also a big surprise event at the end of the year is in the works so stay tuned into our Facebook page so you can be the first to know when things happen.

A letter from Ffynnon:

Dear Ffynnon Community,

Ffynnon is at a critical point in its development.

As you know, our goal is to create and maintain a private, outdoor space for our Community “Where Art, Spirit & Nature Meet.”

And you are our Community.

That’s why we want to be transparent with you about what’s happening—because it will require some temporary changes to the programs available from Ffynnon.

We are currently working with the Land Development Services folks of Columbia County (where Ffynnon is located) in order to be able to make Ffynnon a “private park.”

The good news is that private park status will enable us to do everything Ffynnon wants to do, including expanding our offerings to the Community, and eventually providing more and better facilities. 

The bad news is that going through this process means we must temporarily stop holding events on Ffynnon property until we establish the private park status.

The okay news is that Ffynnon, as an organization, will do everything we can to continue offering Community gatherings and celebrations—just not on Ffynnon land (until we achieve private park status).

What does this mean?

  • It means that we will be holding Ostara at a different outdoor location. Where has not yet been established and we’re working on it. We will keep you in the loop.

  • It means that Beltane will be moved to a different location and the ritual itself will be changing. We’re not sure where yet, or what form it may take, but we are working on that too, and will keep you informed.

  • If you are already registered for either Ostara or Beltane, please watch your email for separate communication from us regarding what this means for you.

Right now, that’s all it means. As we said, we are working with the County to take all the steps needed (and they are many) to make Ffynnon a viable resource for all of us in the very near future.

Thank you for your past support—and your important support now—as we make these vital changes. We promise to keep you up to date on what’s happening. We’ll also let you know about new event locations as they get settled, as well as how you may be able to help in Ffynnon’s ongoing growth.

 If there is anything that we as a community know how to do, it is to come together…both in times of celebration and in times of need. Our energies, combined and individual, need to be pointed towards this goal and this progression of steps that will get us there. Please do your magic, in all its forms. 

We only ask that you not direct frustration (magical or otherwise) towards the county. We know transition is complicated and that this situation may bring up a lot of emotions for folks (it certainly has for us on the board). But they are our partners in this effort. Help us instead build that bridge and continue to enrich the positive working relationship we have with them.

And, if you are able, please consider donating financially towards this effort. This is an exciting moment for Ffynnon, but it is also going to be a financially challenging period in our growth. Any support, whether it be membership or a one-time donation, is deeply appreciated. 

With gratitude for all you do,

–  The Ffynnon Board

What this means for Sunfest 2024 is we are in search of a place to hold festival this year and we have all hands on deck getting this done .  We will update here and on our facebook page as soon as information becomes available. At this time we will continue to register people for Sunfest.  If you have any questions you can email us at

SunFest brought to you by OWOW

Main ritual is forthcoming for Sunfest 2025.

To submit a ritual idea please email us at


For ADA service requests, please contact us at

For Vendor registration questions please email Chris at to vend just sign up for vending when you register (Registration on hold for 2024).

Are you interested in leading a workshop?
If so, please send us an email to, detailing the subject, and length of the workshop, as well as your information. 

Wish you could do more, We now have sponsorship opportunities that can get you or your business name out there in front of all SunFesters, as well as our social media community.  Come sponsor us and help SunFest be even better this year and years to come.  Sign up Here

We Need Volunteers!  We are looking for six(6) people to help with setup, running, and takedown of Sunfest and let to in at only $50.00 if accepted.  Fill out the form here to be considered and we will let you know soon. More details on the Volunteer signup page.

You are invited to Join Us For:

• Rituals: 

• Workshops: We will have a multitude of different workshops 
• A Sacred Dionysus wine ritual in the Dionysus Circle.
• Children’s Activities.(We ask when your children attend that they have an adult with them)
• Raffle: Look for the Raffle Fairies fluttering around with tickets.
• Community Picnic. TBD Due to Covid restrictions and social distancing we will be having a community picnic in the middle of the main lawn instead of the usual potluck.
• Dancing and Drumming around the Main fire in the evening.
• Hiking on the numerous and beautiful trails around the site.

• Wonderful artisan vendors

Drum making Workshop A simple class on how to make a travel rawhide drum. All supplies are provided. Come and enjoy making your own musical spiritual tool. This class offers either a 12-inch, or a 15-inch drum. Made in either deer or elk rawhide. All on sturdy Maple hoops. With options to make a larger drum in the future at a discount. Drum care instructions are provided at the end of the workshop. 12″ $135 15″ $190 Our max class size is 10 people. If they can contact us ahead of time to give size and hide desires that’s helpful. Class takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Must register ahead of time with Magickal Thangz

Workshops will be held in the Arena this year.

Children’s/ Scion’s workshops will still be near Faery Grove.

***Unfortunately, due to site rules at Ffynnon, no pets are allowed For other Rules and Restrictions Click Here*****

 SunFest Registration 2024 is temporarily closed!  

Current Registration:  
$65/ adults,

$30/ 13-17 years old,

$15/ 3-12 years,

2 and under free

$55.00 Day passes 

$90.00 Vendor Fee includes 10X10 space, and one(1) Adult Admission

$40.00 RV Fee (subject to size constraints and availability)

*Returns on tickets will only be accepted until midnight Thursday 6/13/2025*

Remember to buy tickets early the Adult tickets increase to $125.00 at the gate.