SunFest XXXI: Delphic Oracle Ritual

with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

We are so excited to announce that our SunFest ritualists for 2019 will be Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone who will be performing an oracle ritual! There will be an Altar created for Hekate.

“For all those who don’t know who we are, we are practicing Wiccans (modern witches) and authors who publish books on the subjects of Paganism, Magick and Witchcraft. Prior to Stewart’s death on the 7th February 2000. Janet and Stewart had published their works since 1971, and are recognized as experts on Witchcraft and the Occult. Gavin joined them in 1993, and has since worked with them on The Pagan Path, a study of Paganism worldwide, The Healing Craft, a healer’s workbook for Pagans, The Complete Dictionary of European God and Goddesses, and our most recent The Inner Mysteries. To date, we have had eleven books between us, on the subjects mention, published in the United States, Britain and as far afield as Brazil, Japan and the Czech Republic.”

As if that isn’t enough to make everyone swoon, we will have another year of amazing workshops for everyone to enjoy. Gavin and Janet’s workshops will center around oracular practices during the festival. . We also hope to have a panel discussion. More details on that later. .

We are really looking forward to another amazing festival!! We thank you so much for all of your positive feedback last year!

*In an effort to avoid a big registration rate increase this year we will not be providing Sunday brunch. *

For ADA service requests, please contact Kanani at

For Vendor registration please email Ellen @

For Workshop registration please email Courtney @

You are invited to Join Us For:

• Rituals
• Workshops
• A Sacred Dionysus wine ritual in the Dionysus Circle.
• Children’s Activities.(We ask when your children attend that they have an adult with them)
• Raffle: Look for the Raffle Fairies fluttering around with tickets.
• Potluck dinner on Saturday evening. (Please bring a prepared dish to share with community, labeled to indicate any allergies or dietary standards, such as Vegetarian or Gluten Free.we would be most grateful.)
• Potlatch Gift Exchange: We do the Potlatch gift exchange during the potluck dinner on Saturday. Please bring appropriate gifts for children to exchange and adult gifts if you wish to participate.l

• Dancing and Drumming around the Main fire in the evening.
• Hiking on the numerous and beautiful trails around the site.

• Wonderful artisan vendors

Workshops will be held in Dragon Circle this year.

Children’s/ Scion’s workshops will still be near Faery Grove.

***Unfortunately, due to site rules at Ffynnon, no pets are allowed*****

Current registration: Feb 2nd- June 9th
$85/ adults, $35 13-17 years old, $25. 7-12 years, $5/ 3-6 years,
2 and under free

After June 10th and at the gate
$110/ adults, $50/ 13-17 years old, $35/ 7-12 years, $5/ 3-6 years,
2 and under free

Day passes

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