CWPPD Workshop Schedule 2021

Time Of DayNorth End CanopyMiddle CanopySouth End Canopy
Opens at 10am, Goes all dayMarket Place
52 Vendors and non-profits here to sell their wares and entice you with everything from tea to jewelry.
Readers/Healers, Local Pagan GroupsMermaids
11am-NoonMagical Making:
Teaching Copper Embossing
(limit 25 People)
Lee Graham
Inclusive Heathenry 101:
Phyllis Steinhouser

The sagas and stories of the Vikings, as well as the occult use of the Runes have long fascinated pagans.
Recently, shows such as Vikings, 
 The Lost Kingdom, not to mention the Marvel Universe movies, have brought a new surge of interest in Norse philosophy and culture..
People are thirsty to learn more about  the pre-christian religious practices of the peoples of Scandinavia, Russia, Europe and Iceland.
Come learn about the broad spectrum of Heathen belief and practice, peoples and sub-cultures of the modern reconstructed faith known as Heathenry, aka Asatru! 

If you’re asking “So, what’s inclusive Heathenry, then?”, it’s a generational initiative toward a more open, welcoming and anti-racist approach to our modern reconstucted faith. Heathenry is a newer sect than, say, other denominations of Paganism, with beginnings in the 1970s. Heathenry is in the 4th generation of living Neopagan practice. We have come to a point where we must reconcile our modern understanding with the earlier, less accepting attitudes of some early Heathen founders. A significant proportion of them were biased particularly against Black, Indigenous and people of color, as well as womxn, and LGBTQIIA+ people. These outdated attitudes must be faced and rooted out, before we can become more like the Heathens of yore, that so many seek to emulate.

In addition to learning more about the basic practices and ritual structure, we will also discuss some tips on how to identify some of these darker paths who have continued to embrace these baneful attitudes and actions, specifically those rooted in white supremacy, racial bigotry, misogyny and hatred. 
Oftentimes, the “tells” that indicate such philosophies can be easily identified with a bit of education.
Likewise,  We’ll also discuss ways to evaluate a Heathen group in order to determine whether a group or kindred is inclusive.

Noon-1pm Join, Anjel, co-host of the Science Witch Podcast and one of the coordinators of the Wild Witches of the Willamette, for an informative panel on using microbes in your magick. We’ll talk fermentation, brewing, and meditating to connect with the multitude of microbes in our own bodies as a way to synergize spirituality and science. Anjel is a queer, non-binary, green witch with a Masters of Science in Biology who loves connecting the worlds of witchcraft and science. They will also have stater cultures to gift of kombucha, ginger bugs, and sourdough for anyone wanting to use microbes in their magick.  Norse Runes
Damien Dickinson

Damien will go over the origin of the runes in Norse Mythology and the meaning of each of the runes and how you can use them.
1pm-2pmDruidic Healing
Lena Lane
Lena Lane (the druid also known as Aideen Coll) will be teaching 2 druidic
healing/meditative techniques based on manuscripts from the 15 th and 16 th centuries
– the Twelve Doors of the Soul and the Three Cauldrons of Poesy. Come learn
about ancient Irish “chakras” and fill up your internal cauldrons for maximum
physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.
Mae ApGovannon
Your Sovereign Magic Are you ready to deepen your magical practice? Join Coyote in discussing and discovering different ways to tune in with the earth, the energies around you, the divine and your inner self. Expand beyond theory and embody your magical practice by pushing beyond the boundaries of what you have learned from others to discover what is true for you. This is where the real magic begins!
By the

3pm-4pmGrove of Eternal Madrone

The Return of the Annual Eisteddfod 2021
(a contest of the Bardic arts)
Indulge your inner Bard. Come prepared to entertain all those assembled with an
original poem to read or recite, a story to tell, or a song to sing (on a pagan, druidic
or mythological theme). The audience and members of the grove will judge based
on content and presentation who will win the honor of being awarded Chief Bard
and a seat in the golden chair.
4pm-close ——————–> ——————–> Fall Festival Ritual